Composting Lisnice
  Composting Lisnice is operated as a facility for waste management based on the decision of the Regional Office of the Central Region, Department of Environment and Agriculture under č.j.154 878/2011 / KUSK Of 9/19 2011.

Our main activity is the production and distribution of these products in particular: garden soil, lawn substrate, garden compost. In our compost facility near Prague in Lisnice use the method of so-called Bead packing composting, in which we carry out regular tumbling material arrow rests garden soil and also enrich the resulting soil additives other purely biological character according to well-defined procedures. When Bead packing material is kept in longitudinal piles. which are periodically invert in order to increase the porosity and homogeneity of the fill. With these methods we can end our customers to offer the following products (garden soil, lawn and garden compost substrate) of the highest quality and at the same time at the best prices in the region.



Composting is a method in which a biodegradable garden waste is converted in air and with the support of microorganisms to compost.

For composting is an important raw material composition of the compost BASED, mainly carbon to nitrogen ratio, sufficient of a structural material, favorable moisture. Help decompose organic matter, living organisms - bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, mites, worms, springtails, and many other small animals.

  Other services and products
  NWe also offer other products and services such as. The supply of bark mulch, sand, debris removal and waste delivery of containers, collection of biological waste and its processing, Removal of other waste containers, work JCB 541-70 telescopic manipulator, bulk materials handling, folding and handling palletised material (lift to a height of seven meters) grading soil and compost drum sequencer BEYER TSM 2500 and see further. offer.
Bio-waste disposal

Types of wastes that are accepted for composting:
020103 Waste from plant materials (grass, leaves, etc.).
020106 Animal faeces, urine and manure (including spoiled straw)
020107 Wastes from forestry (branches, twigs, etc.).
020301 Sludges from cleaning and separation of fruit and vegetables
030105 Sawdust, shavings, cuttings, wood, etc.
200202 Soil and stones
170504 Soil and stones other than those mentioned in 170503
190805 Sludges from treatment of urban waste water


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