Our product offerings:
Garden soil

High quality selection garden soil. It is used for landscaping in the preparation of gardens and flower beds in a layer 30 cm. Longer used for establishing vegetation layer for lawns. Garden soil delivered in bulk.

Lawn substrate

A mixture of garden soil and graded sand in precise formulations suitable for turf with intensive irrigation.

Separate garden compost

Compost is an organic composition for soil improvement which comprises the stabilized organic materials and plant nutrients obtained controlled biodegradation (composting) a mixture consisting essentially of plant residues and having declared qualitative characteristics.

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It is used to prevent the growth of undesirable plants or weeds. Retains moisture and protects from frost and from sunlight. It creates a natural source of humus. It is applied in a layer 8-10 cm.


It is intended for example for laying and jointing or interlocking brick paving, the turf, as filler in plaster, mortar and screeds and for various other purposes, such as gritting roads, storage and backfill pipe, or other distributions to compensate for uneven backfill.

Backfill soil

Sift excavated soil suitable for Match uneven ground.

   Our range of services:
Within the distribution of our products, we offer delivery vehicles: MAN loader (8 tons), Ford dump truck (1.5 tons), Man container carrier (5 tons). Labor and delivery of vehicles, we also offer individually according to the agreement. The distribution and collection dispose of containers: 1.5 m3, 3 m3, 5 m3, 6 m3, 15 m3. Prices and any questions will gladly agreement by telephone.
MAN container (8 tons) Ford dump truck (1.5 tons) MAN container (5 tons)
container 3m3 container 5m3 container 6m3 container 15m3
   Telescopic excavator JCB
Loading of bulk materials storage and handling of pallets, rough grading earth ALLU bucket.
JCB universal bucket JCB sorting bucket ALLU JCB forks for pallets
   Mobile drum sequencer BAYER TSM 2500
Sorting compost and soil directly on your property.

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